Since 1991.


For 25 years we are providing quality service of IMP system 300 controllers (R3VCOT, R3SA, R3VC ...), Danfoss ECL 9300 controllers, Danfoss ECL Comfort 200 and 300, as well as the new Danfoss ECL 210 and 310th controllers.

We repair and test drives of Danfoss AMV xx AME xx, xx Häme valves, IMP drives and valves and temperature sensors for the IMP system 300, Seltron and Danfoss and others.

We also offer high quality maintenance of heating stations, ventilation equipment, home recuperators and air conditioning. With our service we extend the life span and prevent possible malfunctions.


According to the principle that the cheapest offer is not always the best.

Over the years it appears that the poorly maintained machines often malfunction, and thus to the high cost of repairs, sometimes also lead to machinery breakdown or fire and hence the urgent purchase of new equipment.

WE RECOMMEND: Check air filters at least every 3 months and change once or twice a year. If the air filters are very dirty and not changing in time, they can scrape and consequently dirty the heat exchanger and heating register. Cleaning them is much harder work and cost than regular filter replacement. Also do not forget of intake grids and mesh. Only regular maintenance will ensure the necessary exchange of indoor air and consequently air quality, the desired temperature and the right direction of air movement.

Examples of poor maintenance: The biggest problem is when in heat your convector, air conditioning or central air conditioning does not cool. In the second gallery below first 5 pictures show old air filters and poorly maintained ventilation.

What kind of filters do you have? You air condition cools well? Is your convector blowing pleasantly cool or you are feeling unwell because of the heat?


Call us and we will measure the temperature and speed of inflow of air, check the operation of the automatic air handling units, convectors and verify the operation of the thermostat, check the operation of the climate, order and replace air filters and clean the intake grid. This will save you from stuffy air and heat and you will again breathe with full lungs.


EXAMPLE OF GOOD PRACTICE – MAINTENANCE of thermal stations: Before the heating season, we have reviewed the operation of 4 Danfoss controllers for 4 circles heating, heating water to the heat exchanger and sanitary hot water. We adapted the heating parameters after the energy renovation of the facility (facade insulation and window replacement) - we cut the heating curve, the desired temperature and set schedules, and check the operation of the drives of valves, pumps and temperature sensors (Main Gallery - Figure 1).


Together with our long-time and reliable business partners, we can arrange also:

  • Service climates (rough cleaning, replacement of inner insulation, air filters, belts, bearings and fan motors, rewinding electric motors, climates processing, processing of air ducts and ventilation elements (grids, diffusers, PV valves).

  • Sewer cleaning and cooker hoods (dry-cleaning of hoods and drains the statutory due to fire safety and hygiene).

  • Service and installation of air conditioners and cooling units (filter cleaning, registry cleaning, disinfection and control the operation of the indoor unit, and, if necessary, supplement of the gas).